Why Should We Consume Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Why Should We Consume Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

When it comes to healthy fat, olive oil immediately comes to mind. Since ancient times, olive oil produced in the Mediterranean geography has been shown as the secret of long life and has been used in every flavor, from breakfasts to salads to Aegean olive oil dishes. Every stage, from the way the olives are collected to the way they are pressed, affects the quality of the olive oil. Research shows that natural extra virgin olive oils with an oleic acid content of less than 0.8 percent are the healthiest in terms of nutritional values ​​and purity. This is also possible with cold pressing.

why-should-consume-natural-extra-virgin-olive oil

What is this cold pressed?

The acidity of olive oil is one of the factors that determine the quality of the oil. For olive oil with perfect taste and purity, it is necessary to first collect ripe olives without damaging them. From that moment on, the degradation process begins. If the fruits are damaged, oxidation accelerates, meaning spoilage occurs quickly. If these olives are kept for a long time, they begin to mold and as a result, we end up with an oil with high acidity and a strong smell. For this reason, when choosing an olive oil, you should first check whether it is naturally extra virgin or not.

why-should-consume-natural-extra-virgin-olive oil

Then, the cold pressing method needs to be used to produce high quality olive oil from the collected olives. Pure olive oil, which is literally the elixir of life, is obtained from olives crushed with a hydraulic press at temperatures below 27 degrees. Temperature is a very important factor here. If the temperature is higher, nutritional values ​​are lost and the pleasant smell of olive oil changes. Natural extra virgin olive oil obtained by this method is a powerful source of antioxidants with anti-aging vitamin E, vitamins A, D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

It is very beneficial!

  • It is very rich in oleocanthal and polyphenols, which nourish the brain and prevent forgetfulness. Studies have concluded that the recall rate of elderly people living in Mediterranean countries and consuming olive oil extensively is higher than those in other countries.
  • Natural extra virgin olive oil is good for cardiovascular health with its monounsaturated fat content. We all know that processed oils containing saturated fatty acids, such as margarine, cause vascular occlusion when consumed for a long time.
  • In recent years, cholesterol has become an important health problem. The use of olive oil increases the level of benign HLD cholesterol in the blood and reduces the harmful LDL cholesterol.
  • It improves bone health and helps prevent calcification that starts in later ages.
  • It supports the intestinal flora and causes an increase in beneficial bacteria. It is like a medicine for constipation and indigestion.
why-should-consume-natural-extra-virgin-olive oil

We have listed the benefits of natural extra virgin olive oil and how it is produced, but we should not forget the Aegean dishes made with this miraculous product. We will also talk about mouth-watering and appetizing dishes with olive oil, from olive oil wraps to stuffed peppers, from artichokes to red beans, in another article. Enjoy your meal…

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