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All fresh canned food and spices are prepared with traditional and pure products. Many different tastes are waiting for you, from natural extra virgin olive oil brought from Balıkesir to homemade jams.
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Always Fresh Mixed Pickles
Regular price79.90TL
    Always Fresh Jams
    34.50TL - 42.50TL
      Always Fresh Baldo Rice KG
      Regular price35.50TL
        Always Fresh Bombay Beans Kg
        Regular price44.90TL
          Always Fresh Hazelnut Paste
          Regular price54.90TL
            Always Fresh Cinnamon Stick
            Regular price16.90TL
              Always Fresh Curry
              Regular price14.90TL
                Always Fresh Coconut
                Regular price5.95TL
                  Always Fresh Grape Molasses
                  Regular price79.90TL
                    Always Fresh Pomegranate Syrup
                    Regular price26.90TL
                      Always Fresh Dermason Beans
                      Regular price42.50TL
                        Always Fresh Mulberry Molasses
                        Regular price82.90TL
                          Always Fresh Adjika
                          Regular price39.90TL
                            Always Fresh Tarhana
                            Regular price129.00TL
                              Always Fresh Green Lentils
                              Regular price42.50TL
                                Always Fresh Bulgur for Rice
                                Regular price19.90TL
                                  Always Fresh Chickpeas
                                  Regular price32.90TL
                                    Always Fresh Red Lentils
                                    Regular price42.50TL
                                      Always Fresh Basil
                                      Regular price9.90TL
                                        Always Fresh Thyme
                                        Regular price7.90TL
                                          Always Fresh Rosemary
                                          Regular price24.90TL
                                            Always Fresh Turmeric Powder
                                            Regular price12.90TL
                                              Always Fresh Powder Cinnamon
                                              Regular price21.90TL
                                                Always Fresh Mahlep
                                                Regular price24.00TL
                                                  Always Fresh Stuffed Peanuts
                                                  Regular price39.90TL
                                                    Always Fresh Blue Poppy
                                                    Regular price7.95TL
                                                      Always Fresh Black Pepper
                                                      Regular price18.90TL
                                                        Always Fresh Cloves
                                                        Regular price64.00TL
                                                          Always Fresh Baking Soda
                                                          Regular price9.90TL
                                                            Always Fresh Powder Ginger
                                                            Regular price9.90TL
                                                              Hep Fresh Onion Granules
                                                              Regular price12.50TL
                                                                Always Fresh Currants
                                                                Regular price9.90TL


                                                                  We prepare daily and fresh appetizers that appeal to all palates, from the Antep region to the Aegean cuisine.

                                                                  Hande Orhuner

                                                                  Fish appetizers are excellent! Fish pastrami, lakerda tarans are excellent.

                                                                  Bülent Balyemez

                                                                  If you want to buy quality and delicious products, you should stop by.

                                                                  Sertan K

                                                                  Turkish coffee is very successful, especially the buzzzz-like water that comes with it.

                                                                  Akif Aydoğdu

                                                                  A nice and decent place where you can both shop and eat.

                                                                  Sedat Bürütekin

                                                                  Gourmet market that offers the same quality service every time I go. The flavors are incredible. I send my sincere thanks to the friendly staff.

                                                                  Sedat Bürütekin

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                                                                  Author's name

                                                                  The freshness of the ingredients reflects the taste of the food so much that I recommend it to everyone!!!

                                                                  Hatice Sultan Dursun

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