What are Cold Pressed Fruit Juices?

What are Cold Pressed Fruit Juices?

Did you know that cold-pressed juices are 50 percent richer in vitamins and minerals than other methods? Pasteurized fruit juices that adorn the supermarket shelves in color do more harm than good to your health. When you look at the contents of the package, you will see that instead of fruit juice, you are drinking a fruit-flavored liquid filled with industrial sugar, coloring and preservatives. With the awareness about additive-free and natural foods, fruit juices, which are natural energy sources prepared daily and without additives, emerged with the cold-pressed method. Moreover, it is healthier than the juices you prepare at home.

What is this cold pressed?

Cold pressed works very differently from the fresh squeezing machines you use at home in terms of extraction. Centrifugal juicers generate heat due to the very fast rotation of the metal blades. This heat generated during the squeezing process causes important enzymes in fruits and vegetables to break down, enter air into the mixture and thus oxidize. As a result, we cannot fully preserve the nutrients of the fresh and nutritious juice we want to obtain.


Cold pressed juice is made with a special juicer that uses a hydraulic press and a slow crusher to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed juice preserves and retains nutrients. Since the cold-pressed juicer puts pressure on the product to extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables, no heat is generated, thus preserving all the nutrients.

When you drink cold-pressed juice, you get 100 percent of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients. Cold-pressed juices, which are a great option to refresh, store energy and strengthen your immune system. You can find it at Panayır Gourmet . Our fruit juices, which we prepare daily with cold pressed without adding any additives, contain between 3 and 5 kilos of non-GMO fruits and vegetables in each bottle. 

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