“Can Ice Cream Be Fresh?” Don't Say, Try Gelato!

“Can Ice Cream Be Fresh?” Don't Say, Try Gelato!

In recent years, we have come across Gelato ice cream more and more. So what is Gelato ice cream, how is it different from industrial ice cream varieties? Gelato, which was born in Rome, Italy and became a world-famous ice cream, literally means ice cream in Italian. What makes gelato ice cream special is that it is artisan. In other words, it is non-industrial ice cream, produced in the kitchen of the place where it is sold and consumed fresh. Since it does not contain any additives, healthy ice cream Gelato should be consumed quickly.

How did gelato ice cream come about?

Although the common belief is that Gelato ice cream emerged and was consumed as a street delicacy, on the contrary, when we examine the history, we see that it is a taste included in the menu of the upper classes. The origin of Gelato, created by Italian ice cream masters, dates back to the banquets given at royal parties in Florence during the Renaissance.

Sicilian Francesco Procopio Cutò made Gelato available to everyone when he opened Café Le Procope in Paris in 1686 and began selling it to the public. Before then, ice cream and sherbets were a delicacy produced for the rich. Because ice was expensive and therefore only served to nobles.

Gelato was first introduced abroad during the noblewoman Caterina de'Medici's invitation to Paris. Freezing and preservation techniques developed over centuries have made ice cream accessible to everyone today. The taste of ice cream has increased even more with the production of the ice cream cone, patented by Italians.

More intense flavor and consistency

Fair Gourmet Gelato Ice Cream

Gelato is creamier, smoother and has a thicker consistency than industrial ice cream. It is made with milk, cream, sugar and sometimes egg yolk for consistency. The mixture is churned much slower than industrial ice cream, resulting in an incredibly smooth and dense ice cream.

Unfortunately, almost half of the ice cream sold in supermarkets consists of air. The actual weight of 1 liter of ice cream is around 600 grams. However, the air content in Gelato ice cream does not exceed 25 percent. Thus, you will have a more intense ice cream experience.

Gelato, the extremely delicious Italian ice cream, is made from natural ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar, eggs, fruit and chocolate. Gelato prepared from fresh fruits is consumed fresh. Since it does not contain additives, it must be eaten within a few days. Another feature that makes Gelato different, which has a low cream content and a high milk content compared to other ice cream types, is that at least 4 percent butter is used.

So you get an intense flavor with every spoon you put in your mouth. The color of Gelato prepared with fresh ingredients is vibrant, you smell the freshness and feel the texture of the natural ingredients in your mouth.

Healthier ice cream!

Fair Gourmet Gelato Ice Cream

Gelato is lower in both fat and calories compared to industrial ice creams. In the United States, ice cream is often made with cream and is classified according to its butter content, between 12 and 25 percent. In gelato, less butter is used, between 0 and 5 percent. Therefore, it contains less calories and fat. Since gelato is especially made with milk, it contains high amounts of protein needed daily in human nutrition.

Gelato also contains high amounts of vitamins. Fruit sorbets tend to have higher amounts of vitamins in them, and since they're made from milk, they're a great source of calcium for non-dairy drinkers.

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