How to Focus on Work During a Long Fasting Period?

How to Focus on Work During a Long Fasting Period?
The long fasting period of up to 15 hours during Ramadan may cause your energy level to decrease during the day and cause problems with your focus. Disruption of your sleep pattern, hunger and thirst trigger this condition. What should you do to be productive in your work and school life and spread your concentration throughout the day?
Rearrange your sleep pattern
We disrupt the sleep routine we have become accustomed to throughout the year in order to wake up for sahur. Getting up for sahur prevents us from staying hungry for a longer time, but on the other hand, it can cause insomnia. Therefore, in order to avoid sleep deprivation, we should not neglect the 8 hours of sleep recommended by experts. In order to provide the sleep our body needs, sleeping 1-2 hours earlier than your normal bedtime will significantly increase your productivity during the day. For those who can, a small nap during lunch can have a big impact on your mind.
Healthy eating
The food we eat at sahur is of great importance in order to avoid energy fluctuations and thirst and hunger throughout the day. You need to stay away from salty, sweet and fatty foods for sahur. While sweet foods will increase your energy at once, they will also cause your energy to decrease at the same time. Fatty and salty foods can cause dehydration and prevent you from focusing on your work. Instead, it is important to choose foods rich in protein and vitamins. For a healthy fast, you can consume dairy products such as eggs, oats, fruits, nuts, sourdough bread, cheese and yoghurt. It is very important that you drink plenty of water from iftar to sahur.
Correct planning
Plan your work for tomorrow the night before, as lack of sleep and hunger will affect your focus. Even though you start the day energetically, your energy will inevitably decrease towards iftar. This will affect your focus. Therefore, it will be advantageous for you to do tasks that require energy and tempo early in the day. We recommend that you hold meetings, business meetings and teamwork before noon. Plan routine tasks such as paperwork, texts and reporting to be done towards the end of the day.
Get rid of distractions
While hunger and thirst make it difficult for you to focus, it is also necessary to get rid of distractions that will affect your work. While you are focused on a task, a notification sound coming from your smartphone can distract your concentration. You can largely prevent distractions by muting the notifications of social media applications, especially during work time. Avoiding noisy environments will also increase your productivity. Additionally, taking small five-minute breaks after working for half an hour will be like a medicine to relieve eye fatigue and clear your mind.
Stay fit with exercise
Even if you're fasting, there's no reason to stop exercising. By exercising, you can increase your metabolism and efficiency by up to 50 percent. Not exercising and staying inactive just because you are fasting will make your body feel weaker and less energetic, which will reduce your focus on work. By doing light exercise, you can speed up your blood circulation, which has many benefits for your body. So you can feel fit. Before starting work or during a lunch break may be an ideal timing. By exercising regularly, you will find that your focus increases.

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