What to eat in autumn for a healthy diet?

What to eat in autumn for a healthy diet?

Proper nutrition is very important so that the weather starts to cool down with autumn and your body stays strong and healthy during the transition of the season. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet will increase our resistance to diseases and help you get the nutrients your cells need. These foods, which are especially effective in regulating and strengthening our immune system, should definitely be included in your meals.


Apples are so versatile that while they're great to eat raw, they make a delicious addition to baked goods, salads, and sauces. Apples contain valuable antioxidants such as pectin, a type of soluble fiber linked to lowering cholesterol levels, as well as quercetin, which has a protective role against heart disease and cancer. It also contains nutrients that are good for skin health.


Celery, which is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, should definitely be in your menu. It is low in protein and fat. Celery, which is also a source of vitamin C, folate, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium, provides 71 percent of the daily vitamin K needs in women; It covers 53 percent of men.


Famous for supporting digestion, cauliflower should not be included in the list of autumn vegetables and fruits! Cauliflower, which is rich in cell renewal and vitamin A, is low in kilojoules and full of fiber. It's a great low-carb alternative to regular mashed potatoes. It is also a great source of Vitamin C.


Cabbage is full of essential vitamins and antioxidants and is low in calories. They can be served raw in salads or cooked in soups, stews and more. Additionally, cabbage, with its low kilojoules and high fiber content, is rich in Vitamin C, and red cabbage has a higher Vitamin C content than its green counterparts.


With its orange color and taste, pumpkin suits all kinds of autumn dishes. Like all orange-fleshed fruits and vegetables, pumpkin contains high levels of beta-carotene. This important antioxidant is converted into vitamin A by our body and helps prevent degenerative diseases. You can make pumpkin soup or dessert and enjoy it.


You can easily use peas raw in salads, cooked in pasta recipes, French fries, risottos, and pastries. The high amount of antioxidants found in peas prevent various reactions in the body that can cause serious diseases. It is rich in many minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese, which strengthen your body's immune system.


Mushroom, which is among the low-calorie foods, is a food that should be consumed with caution. While it can grow spontaneously in forest areas, it is also cultivated as mushroom. Mushrooms have an important place in the diet. Mushrooms are especially nutritious because they are low in sodium. They are a good source of thiamine, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium and zinc and contain dietary fiber, riboflavin, niacin and folate. They are also very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.


Kiwi is loved for its taste, color and nutrition. The low-fat fruit contains 240 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Two kiwis have more fiber than a bowl of bran flakes. It is also one of the low-fat sources of vitamin E, which strengthens the immune system and is important for lowering cholesterol.


Eggplant is rich in fiber and especially helps control blood cholesterol levels. When choosing, choose bright, firm, unblemished eggplants that look heavy for their size. It contains vitamin B6 and manganese for healthy bones, as well as folate for a healthy heart and potassium for optimal blood pressure. Eggplant is also rich in antioxidants.


Carrots are the richest source of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that is also the precursor of vitamin A. The more vibrant the color, the higher the beta-carotene content. Vitamin A is essential for healthy bones, hair, skin, immunity and eye health, including preventing night blindness. Carrots are also a good source of dietary fiber and potassium.

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