The Fair Turns into a Ramadan Taste Festival at Gourmet

The Fair Turns into a Ramadan Taste Festival at Gourmet

Panayır Gourmet, the meeting point of gourmet tastes for 19 years, is ready to delight the palate this Ramadan. During Ramadan, the Month of Ramadan will turn into a Festival of Taste with a rich iftar menu, gourmet delicatessen products, daily prepared sherbet and milk desserts , ready-to-cook Casserole and Ready Trays , 40 types of appetizers , sahur and iftar products. Premium quality healthy and gourmet delicacies are waiting to be tasted at Panayır Gourmet.

stuffed meatballs

Hatay Flavors at Fair Gourmet!

During Ramadan, stop by Panayır Gourmet to discover delicious Hatay cuisine. We opened a space in our store to support Petek Patisserie, one of Hatay's most popular brands, which was affected by the earthquake. Petek Patisserie chefs prepare traditional flavors Hatay Künefe, Kömbe, Hatay style Suböreği, Baklava , Kadayıf and appetizers daily. You are invited to our Ataşehir store to taste the traditional flavors of Hatay and support Petek Patisserie.


Gourmet Products for Sahur

Panayır Gourmet is ready to flavor your sahur tables with local and imported cheeses, organic olive varieties and gourmet delicatessen products. We bring hundreds of products such as gourmet cheese varieties, olives , jam, honey, halva, soudjouk, sausage and smoked meat varieties from all over Turkey and the world. With its intense aroma, Ezine Cheese , Van Herbed Cheese , Entrecôte Pastrami from Sivas, delicious Butter from Trabzon, delicious Roasting from Rize and dozens of other flavors that will delight your taste buds are carefully selected for sahur and iftar and take their places on our counters.

raw meatballs

40 types of appetizers

Your iftar tables will be revitalized with a variety of appetizers ranging from the Southeast to the Aegean and from there to Lebanese cuisine. Our chefs prepare appetizers daily with quality ingredients sourced from their regions. Lentil Meatballs , Dried Eggplant Stuffed , Stuffed Meatballs , Raw Meatballs and Stuffed Leaves with Pomegranate Sour appetizers are prepared according to the traditional recipe according to Gaziantep style. For those who want lighter tastes, Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil , Cretan Paste , Haydari and Purslane with Yogurt are ideal flavors.


Full of Gourmet Flavors: Iftar Tables

If you want to have an iftar with gourmet flavors with your loved ones, the restaurant section of Panayır Gourmet is waiting for you. Soup of the Day and Salad are served as starters in the iftar menu. Paçanga Pastry and Gourmet Appetizer Plate are served as hot appetizers. There are three options for the Main Meal: Hot Dish of the Day, Butcher's Meatballs or Chicken Cutlets with Thyme. For dessert, the Dessert of the Day, which changes every day, is offered. To taste the Iftar Menu created with gourmet flavors, you can make your iftar reservation by calling 0216 688 49 49.

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