Rediscover Your Favorite Appetizers

Rediscover Your Favorite Appetizers

If you are a fan of appetizers, then Panayır Gourmet Meze varieties are just for you! Our chefs prepare 40 types of appetizers every day, from the olive oil dishes of the Aegean to the traditional appetizers of the Southeast and Lebanese cuisine. There are Antep style Stuffed Meatballs , Hummus , Spicy Paste , Artichoke with Olive Oil and many more flavors. Moreover, they are all made with natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

vine leaves

Olive Oils of the Aegean

Aegean Appetizers constitute an important source for Turkish cuisine and many delicious appetizer varieties come from here. We also included the most popular appetizers of the Aegean Region in our menu. There are Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil , Artichokes with Olive Oil , Cretan Paste , Stuffed Peppers and many more options. These appetizers reflect the unique tastes of the Aegean region and each offers a different feast of taste. Moreover, thanks to the natural extra virgin olive oil we use in our recipes, a light and healthy taste feast is offered.

stuffed meatballs

Antep Style Flavors

Gaziantep, the capital of gastronomy, is also very rich in terms of appetizers. This region has a very rich culinary culture in terms of spices and flavors. Our chefs prepare it with natural spices and vegetables we bring from the region.

The most preferred appetizer at Panayır Gourmet is Antep Style Raw Meatballs, prepared without meat. Raw Meatballs get their flavor from fine bulgur, pepper paste brought from Gaziantep and isot supplied from Şanlıurfa. A variety of Gaziantep appetizers are waiting to be tasted, such as Dried Eggplant Dolma , prepared with dried eggplants dried in the Gaziantep sun during the summer months , Antep Style Stuffed Meatballs , whose stuffing is prepared by mixing beef and lamb breast, and Antep Style Lentil Meatballs, made with fine bulgur and pepper paste brought from Gaziantep.

Circassian chicken

Rich Appetizer Varieties

Panayır Gourmet also has gourmet appetizers from outside Türkiye. Tabule, the famous appetizer of Lebanese cuisine with its healthy ingredients, is produced according to a traditional recipe. You should try Hummus , which is prepared with chickpeas and tahini and goes well with meat dishes and sandwich recipes. At Panayır Gourmet, you can also taste appetizers that suit our taste, such as Circassian Chicken , an appetizer of the Caucasian cuisine starring walnuts and chicken, and Spanish Salad , one of the rich appetizer varieties created by the Mediterranean geography.


40 Types of Appetizers

At Panayır Gourmet, each of your favorite appetizers is prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. The 40 types of appetizers prepared every day are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any additives or preservatives. It is a perfect option to offer different tastes to your guests on special occasions or parties. If you want to enjoy delicious appetizers, you can place your order by visiting our Panayır Gourmet website.

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