New Favorite of Afternoon Tea: Panayır Gourmet's Delicious Pastries

New Favorite of Afternoon Tea: Panayır Gourmet's Delicious Pastries

Panayır Gourmet bakery chefs, who are experts in pastries, take their delicious products prepared with their special recipes out of the oven fresh for you every day. You can choose from dozens of varieties of Sourdough Bread , buttery Croissant , Donut , crisp Bagel , Cookie , Cake and Pastry , which will be indispensable for your breakfast and five-hour tea.

Panayır Gourmet's pastries prepared with quality ingredients can be a delicious snack or a satisfying breakfast alternative at any time of the day. Either buy a few bagels to take with you to work or have a pleasant breakfast with your loved ones at home. These products, which are both delicious and satisfying, will make your day even more enjoyable.


Healthy Bread Varieties

Sourdough bread has many health benefits. Since it has a low glycemic index (rate of increasing blood sugar), it prevents the feeling of hunger without increasing blood sugar. It is also more nutritious as it is rich in beneficial bacteria compared to other types of bread. Whole grain breads made with sourdough have very high fiber content. It contains especially vitamins E and B and minerals. Additionally, since they are prepared with sourdough, their gluten content is very low thanks to the "yeast digestion" of the probiotic bacteria in the yeast. It is also more nutritious as it is rich in beneficial bacteria compared to other types of bread.

Sourdough Mediterranean Bread with olives, walnuts and thyme, Sourdough Walnut Whole Wheat Bread with olive oil and walnuts, Russian Bread (Borodinsky) with molasses, coriander and rye flour, German Premium Sourdough Bread with raisins, blue poppy seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, many flavors waiting for you.


Butter Pastries

At Panayır Gourmet, customers are amazed by the various pastries prepared with butter specially brought from Trabzon every day. Adana Börek , which is loved with its expertly prepared water pastries, minced meat , cheese and runny cheese, leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate.

Single pastries are prepared with potatoes , cheese and minced meat . These delicious and filling pastries can be preferred as a quick lunch or snack. Kol Böreği , one of the traditional flavors of Panayır Gourmet, is offered to its customers with cheese and minced meat options. It leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate with its carefully prepared dough and quality ingredients. All our pastries are prepared with our special recipes and quality ingredients.


Next to coffee…

If you are a coffee lover, there are two flavors that go well with it: Croissant and Donut ! The croissant, called 'croissant' by the French and 'cornetto' by the Italians, forms the basis of the breakfast meal in Europe. We prepare it according to a French recipe, using the natural butter we bring from Trabzon. You can eat the fluffy croissant plain, which goes well with coffee, or you can also make delicious sandwiches. We bake croissants daily that melt easily in your mouth. There are Plain, Chocolate and Almond varieties.


In the making of donuts, the freshly poured and deep-fried dough is covered with various fillings on the inside and colorful decorations on the outside. Appetizing Donuts emerge. Tea and coffee go well with Donuts, which originated in the USA and spread all over the world with their taste. Premium Donuts, prepared daily with a special recipe, are filled and the Berliner varieties are produced with chocolate and marmalade.


Melt-in-your-mouth cookies

Salty and sweet cookie varieties that will add flavor to your tea time are prepared daily. Cookies prepared daily with butter delight gourmet palates. Special Pistachio Cookies , Kavala Cookies , Bonbon Cookies , Coconut Fair Coco Cookies , Walnut Cookies , Macaroon Cookies and Salted Cookies are offered in their freshest form. Regime Cookie, which can be enjoyed with peace of mind by both those who care about their health and those who are on a diet, is prepared with cinnamon and raisins.


Daily flavors with special recipes

Panayır Gourmet 's pastries offer a taste that you cannot find in other pastry shops, thanks to their special recipes. All products are prepared with natural and quality ingredients. In this way, it offers a delicious and healthy snack or breakfast alternative. Try Panayır Gourmet's delicious pastries and make them your new favorite for breakfast and five o'clock tea. You can order the delicacies right away or stop by the store and pick them up fresh.

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