Enjoy Breakfast with Our Local Gourmet Flavors

Enjoy Breakfast with Our Local Gourmet Flavors

Delicatessen products are one of the indispensable parts of breakfast tables. As Panayır Gourmet, we strive to offer the best quality and delicious delicatessen products to our customers. We bring hundreds of products such as gourmet cheese varieties, olives, jam, honey, halva, soudjouk, sausage and smoked meat varieties from all over Turkey and the world. Amsterdam Cheese with its intense aroma, Edam from the Netherlands, Entrecôte Pastrami from Sivas, delicious Butter from Trabzon, Tulum from Bergama and other breakfast products that will delight your palate are carefully selected and take their place on our counters.


Nutritious Delicacies

The features and benefits of all these products are also very important. For example, Bacon is nutritious with its high protein and iron content. Obruk Cheese is rich in calcium and protein and is beneficial for bone health. Butter also contains vitamins A, D, E and K and is important for the immune system. We are waiting for you at Panayır Goutmet to try our local delicatessen products with all these beneficial features!

smoked meat

Unique Aroma and Taste

The most special meats are available in their smoked form in our delicatessen section. With the special smoking process, the taste of the meats increases and they have a delicious, appetizing smell. There are dozens of flavors that are enhanced by smoking, such as Smoked Beef Entrecôte , which goes well with cold sandwiches, Beef Cotto , which is smoked in oak wood, Bosnian Dried Meat , which is famous for being brined for 15 days and smoked for one day, and Smoked Turkey Leg , which is made from the leg, the most delicious part of the turkey.


Imported and Local Cheeses

It would not be an exaggeration to say that cheese is an indispensable part of breakfast tables. Hundreds of types of cheese are made in Turkey and around the world. In addition to its taste, cheese has many health benefits as it is a source of calcium and protein. Each one has its own appetizing texture, aroma and taste. As the Panayır Gourmet family, we bring you the world's most special cheeses. We have dozens of cheese types such as the world-famous Dutch Edam Cheese , Amsterdam Cheese , Roquefort from Southern France, natural Ezine Cheese from Çanakkale, Kaymak Curd Cheese from Susurluk, Kars Gravyeri with its intense aroma and porous structure, and Van Herbed Cheese prepared with sirim herb.


Health Warehouse Olives

In addition to these delicacies, our olive varieties, which nutritionists recommend to be consumed regularly every day, are waiting to bring health and taste to your tables. Bodrum's Crushed Green and Scratched Olives , Gemlik's Luxury Black Olives , Hatay's Anklet Green Olives , Gemlik's Crown Olives are in our delicatessen section as premium quality.

We definitely recommend you to try our own production of Butcher Sausage . We prepare it with our meat from Balıkesir and natural spices, without preservatives. You are invited to Panayır Gourmet for gourmet delicatessen products that will turn your breakfast tables into a 'Festival of Taste'.

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