6 Miraculous Foods That Will Make You Feel Full All Day Long

6 Miraculous Foods That Will Make You Feel Full All Day Long

With the arrival of Ramadan, many of us started researching what we should eat to stay healthy during this period. Because, as in previous years, the fasting period this year is quite long. Therefore, it is very important to eat healthy foods that will keep you full for a long time. So, what are the foods that will help us have a problem-free fasting experience? Here are the foods that are both very healthy and make fasting easier!


Protein source: Egg

Known as the highest quality protein source after breast milk, eggs are one of the foods you can consume at sahur. Because, thanks to its rich content, eggs make you feel full for a long time and help you keep your appetite under control by helping control blood sugar. Thus, you can have a more comfortable and healthy fasting experience by eating eggs for sahur meals. Moreover, there are many recipes you can prepare with eggs. Fried eggs, omelettes with seasonal greens or cheese, or even menemen starring tomatoes and eggs. It is possible to find an egg recipe for every day of Ramadan.

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Vitamin and water source: Fruit Salad

How about fruit salad? In addition to meeting the minerals and vitamins your metabolism needs, fruits that will help you feel energetic all day long also help meet your water needs. Particularly juicy fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, cherry, peach, orange, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and celery can be preferred. You can make a salad by combining several fruits and vegetables. A healthy and delicious sahur option.


Balances blood sugar: Oatmeal with Yogurt

Oats, one of the healthiest grain types, contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that are very important for the body. Oats, which are a healthy source of carbohydrates, are also a source of beta-glucan, which is beneficial to the immune system. It reduces bad cholesterol and total cholesterol. It balances insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. You can eat oats, which contain more protein and fat than other grains, by mixing them with yoghurt, which is a source of calcium. Yogurt, which is rich in protein, makes you feel full for a long time. You can also make the mixture sweeter by adding fruits such as bananas and strawberries.


Traditional and nutritious: Dates

Dates, which are generally associated with Ramadan, can be enjoyed both at sahur and iftar as a very nutritious food. Hz. Date, which is also the sunnah of Muhammad, contains the nutrients our body needs after being hungry for a long time. It contains important minerals such as protein, folic acid, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. It also strengthens immunity thanks to its antioxidant properties. Dates are also very rich in dietary fibers, which are in the group of complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and late. This makes you feel full for a long time.


Rich in fiber: Nuts

Walnuts, raw almonds and hazelnuts help you stay full thanks to the healthy fatty acids and dietary fiber they contain. Since nut types have different health benefits, it is recommended to consume more than one type of nuts rather than focusing on a single type. Thanks to their fibrous structure and rich in vitamins and minerals, they are recommended by nutritionists to be consumed at sahur. The only thing to be careful about is to consume salt-free foods to avoid dehydration. Nuts such as hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds nourish your body from the inside. Different vitamins and minerals needed by the body to repair itself can be obtained from these foods.


Indispensable for breakfast: Cheese Varieties

Cheese is a protein-rich breakfast food and can easily be consumed at sahur. Being nutritious, it helps you feel full for a long time. However, I recommend you to choose unsalted cheese varieties to avoid further thirst while fasting. Cheese, which is a source of protein and calcium, supports your bone and dental health and strengthens your immunity. Curd, Unsalted String Cheese, Diyarbakır Braided Cheese, Ezine Cow Cheese and Erzurum Chechil Cheese can be preferred as unsalted cheese types. These cheeses also contain vitamins A, C, D, E and K.


Long-lasting satiety: Sourdough Breads

It is essential that your digestive system works slowly until iftar time so that you do not get hungry easily. But white bread, on the contrary, causes your digestive system to work faster. However, by consuming Sourdough Bread varieties for sahur, you can benefit from beneficial bacteria and stay full for a long time. Moreover, since it has a low glycemic index (speed of increasing blood sugar), it prevents you from feeling hungry without increasing blood sugar. You can try Mediterranean Sourdough Bread with olives, walnuts and thyme, Sourdough Walnut Whole Wheat Bread with olive oil and walnuts, Russian Bread (Borodinsky) with molasses, coriander and rye flour, German Premium Sourdough Bread with raisins, blue poppy seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds.

It is important to choose easy-to-digest foods for sahur. Food should be rich in protein and vitamins. If you do not want to become dehydrated during the day while fasting for nearly 15 hours, you should stay away from bacon, sausage or salami, salty, spicy and floury foods, as well as fried foods. At Panayır Gourmet, delicatessen products, nuts, sourdough bread prepared with traditional recipes, fresh and premium quality fruit varieties carefully selected from their regions are waiting for you.

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