Panayır Gourmet's Fast and Delicious Iftar Menus with Premium Quality Prepared Meats

Panayır Gourmet's Fast and Delicious Iftar Menus with Premium Quality Prepared Meats

Preparing delicious and satisfying meals for iftar during Ramadan can be challenging, especially after a busy day. As Panayır Gourmet, we help you create fast and delicious iftar menus with our premium quality ready-made meats. Here are the delicious meat options we have prepared for you:

ready made trays

- Ready-made Trays : You no longer have to think about what to cook with the ready-to-cook trays prepared by our chefs. We combine the meat we brought from Balıkesir with fresh vegetables and spices. There are 9 different flavor options such as entrecôte , lamb küşleme , veal delight and lamb chops . The secret of the taste lies in natural spices coming from Antep and Hatay. Don't bother preparing meals when you return from work or school. Send the tray directly to the oven and bake to the desired doneness.

- Kilis Tava : Kilis Tava, unique to the Kilis region, is prepared by laying lamb meat in a flat shape on a tray with optional vegetables. It gets its flavor from the combination of natural spices and vegetables of the region. You can buy it and cook it at home, or we can cook it upon your request.

- Lamb Tandoori : You can prepare Lamb Tandoori, the most tender and delicious form of meat, at home. We prepare the tandoori dish prepared with lamb shanks, blend it with the special spice mixture we provide from Gaziantep, and serve it in an oven bag. It bakes in an oven preheated to 200 degrees in 1 and a half hours. The tandoori lamb cooked in its own steam melts in your mouth.

- Red Meat Marinades: Red meat options such as marinated beef , lamb and minced meat can add flavor to your iftar menus with different cooking methods. You can prepare fast and delicious meat dishes with Panayır Gourmet 's ready-made red meat marinades.

- Sucuk : Sausages enriched with spices can be easily cooked on the grill, in the oven or in a pan and can be included in your iftar menu. You can serve delicious and satisfying sausage dishes with Panayır Gourmet 's premium quality ready-made sausage options.

Lamb tandoori

Suggestions on what you can do with ready-made meats in your iftar menu:

  • You can enrich the meals you prepare with ready-made meats with Panayır Gourmet 's fresh and unadulterated appetizers.

  • You can add variety to your iftar menu by trying ready-made meat options with different cooking methods and sauces.

  • You can create a balanced and healthy iftar menu by adding salads and side dishes prepared with Panayır Gourmet's fresh and unadulterated vegetable varieties to the dishes you prepare with ready-made meats.

  • You can add flavor and satiety to your iftar tables by serving the dishes you prepare with ready-made meats with Panayır Gourmet's fresh sourdough bread options.

  • You can create unforgettable iftar experiences for both yourself and your guests by preparing rich and delicious iftar menus using Panayır Gourmet's ready-made meat options on different days throughout Ramadan.

Enjoy preparing fast, delicious and satisfying iftar menus during Ramadan with Panayır Gourmet's premium quality ready-made meat options. Enrich your Ramadan tables with practical and delicious solutions and enjoy this special month. Bon appetit and happy Ramadan!

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