Discover Our Desserts Made with Quality Ingredients!

Discover Our Desserts Made with Quality Ingredients!

Get ready to pamper your palate with our specially designed cakes and milk and chocolate dessert varieties for sweet lovers! In all our desserts, we use chocolates of the Belgian brand Callebaut, which is famous worldwide for its taste. Additionally, the quality of the milk used in our cakes is also very important to us. That's why we use farm milk in our desserts. All our desserts are prepared daily with quality products.


Real French desserts

World-famous French desserts, which will take you into sweet dreams with their delicious tastes, are waiting for you at Panayır Gourmet. Colorful Macarons with soft cream filling that makes you want to eat more as you eat them, Eclairs that make you experience a real dessert feast with their heavy cream filling and special dough, delicious Strawberry Puff Pastry with fruit and filling cream between crispy layers and Profiteroles with cream inside and chocolate sauce on top with their original recipes. we produce.


It's as delicious as it is light

Happiness in every spoon lies in our light and delicious milk dessert varieties. We prepare all our milk desserts with a traditional recipe using farm milk. Various flavors such as Magnolia with forest fruit, strawberry and banana options, Tartöllet with its delicious cookies, Oven Rice Pudding decorated with fried and hazelnut pieces, and Supangle , the choice of chocolate lovers, are ready to be tasted in their freshest form. You should definitely try our special flavor, Alâ Trileçe , which is prepared with three milks and pistachios and which you cannot taste anywhere else.


Design Cakes

Our Premium cake varieties prepared with caramel, pistachio, banana, chocolate and seasonal fruits are prepared daily. We use farm milk for the cream, Belgian chocolate Callebaut products for the chocolate, and fresh fruits from our grocery section. Our delicious cake varieties such as New York Cake with coffee flavor, Ganache Cake with intense chocolate flavor and peanut pieces, Pistachio Dream with strawberries and pistachios in the leading flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth.


We are waiting for your specially designed cake orders that will add flavor to all your special occasions such as birthdays, promotions and celebrations. From superheroes to animated characters that your children are fans of, we prepare that design cake that your loved one dreams of, with the ingredients of your choice and for the number of people you wish. Describe your dream cake and we will turn it into a real taste.

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