The Lightest Summer Appetizers

The Lightest Summer Appetizers

When the summer months come, there is a great opportunity to enjoy light and refreshing flavors. Today, we will share with you the lightest summer appetizers that you can enjoy on the hot days of summer. These appetizers are both healthy and delicious and are prepared daily by Panayır Gourmet chefs. Here are the gourmet flavors that appetizer lovers will love…


Köpoğlu is an indispensable appetizer of the summer months. Prepared with roasted eggplant, tomato, pepper and garlic, this delicious dessert combines its light-on-the-stomach flavor with yoghurt and olive oil. You should definitely try this refreshing taste created by combining all the ingredients.

Artichoke with Olive Oil

Artichoke is a light and nutritious vegetable. When boiled in olive oil and flavored with lemon, it becomes a delicious summer appetizer. The natural flavor of olive oil combined with the soft structure of fresh artichokes leaves a pleasant taste on the palate.

Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil

Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil , one of the indispensable flavors of the tables in the summer months, stands out with its eye-catching appearance and lightness. Stuffed bell peppers are filled with rice, onion, spices and olive oil and served with lemon sauce. It adds freshness to summer tables with its refreshing taste.

Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil

Stuffed vine leaves is one of the most popular appetizers of the summer months. This flavor, which stands out with its stuffing wrapped in fresh vine leaves, turns into a summer feast when combined with olive oil and lemon. Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil pleases both your stomach and your palate with its light and nutritious structure.


Haydari , a yoghurt-based appetizer, is preferred as a refreshing option during summer months. Flavored with mint, garlic and olive oil added to yoghurt, haydari has a light and refreshing taste. You can serve it with bread or raw vegetables and add color to your summer tables.

Purslane with Yogurt

Purslane is one of the most popular greens of summer. Purslane salad with yoghurt combines the refreshing taste of purslane with yoghurt and olive oil. This salad, which is both light and rich in vitamins and minerals, adds health to summer tables.

Daily gourmet appetizers

This is our " Lightest Summer Appetizers " list! By trying these summer appetizers, you can enjoy a healthy diet and bring the refreshing flavors of summer to your tables. You can visit Panayır Gourmet's Göcek and Ataşehir stores to taste these light and delicious appetizers to enjoy the summer.

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