The Rich World of the Appetizer Section at Panayır Gourmet

The Rich World of the Appetizer Section at Panayır Gourmet

Meze, one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, is a tradition that enriches the dining experience and adds joy to our tables. As Panayır Gourmet, we offer you this traditional taste in its freshest and highest quality form with our appetizer varieties inspired by the wide geography extending from Antep to the Aegean cuisine.

Various Appetizer Options

The appetizer varieties offered at Panayır Gourmet are inspired by different regions of Turkish cuisine and cultural interactions. Our appetizer menu offers you a wide range of options, from the spicy and satisfying flavors of the southeast to the light and fresh flavors of the Mediterranean. For example, you can go on an appetizer adventure, starting from Antep cuisine's roasted eggplant paste with hot peppers, to Aegean artichokes with olive oil.

Fresh and Quality Ingredients

As Panayır Gourmet, we attach great importance to the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in appetizer preparations. We aim to offer our customers the most delicious appetizer experience with the ingredients we supply fresh every day. Our vegetables are fresh, our spices are aromatic and our olive oil is of high quality. In this way, every bite of our appetizer plates best reflects the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Special Appetizers

Let's take a closer look at some of the appetizers offered at Panayır Gourmet:

  1. Circassian Chicken: It is prepared by blending it with fresh greens, pomegranate syrup and pomegranate seeds, which are indispensable in Turkish cuisine. It is preferred as a light and healthy starter.

  2. Muhammara: Muhammara, a delicious gift of Antep cuisine, is prepared with red pepper and walnuts. It offers a spicy and satisfying taste.

  3. Haydari: Haydari, made with yoghurt, garlic, mint and olive oil, decorates our tables as a refreshing appetizer.

  4. Cretan Paste: Cretan paste, gifted to us by Cretan cuisine, is highly preferred because it is both low-calorie and very delicious. You can consume Cretan paste, which promises health, for breakfast or for dinner.

  5. Köpoğlu: Köpoğlu, which is low in calories and prepared with fresh vegetables, is widely made in the west of Turkey.

The rich appetizer options offered at Panayır Gourmet offer a world full of flavors that reflect the diversity and richness of Turkish cuisine. You can take a delicious journey to the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine by trying these appetizers prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. You are invited to come to Panayır Gourmet and discover these unique appetizer flavors. Enjoy the chat and enjoyment!

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